Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Longer a Dog's Day! Dog Health Insurance

A dog is definitely a man's best friend. And being his friend, a dog is now entitled to a lot of privileges like grooming salons, play pens, and now, dog health insurance. Health insurance for dogs work similar that of a person's.

The insurance pays for the dog's necessary treatments like surgeries, x-rays, laboratories, and a whole lot of others. So if you want to ensure that your dogs are robust and well at all times, get an insurance policy just right for them.

The Different Types of Dogs Health Insurance Dog Life Insurance

A dog life insurance normally covers all the veterinary bills that arise in the instance that the dog became very ill and may eventually die. This type of insurance may also covers the death of the dog due to accidents. This type of insurance policy covers most illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive ailments. Some insurers may even include coverage for euthanasia.

  1. Dog Health Insurance
    Dog health care insurance provides for the lifetime health maintenance needed by the dog. This includes vaccination, hospitalization, prescription, medication, treatments, and laboratory tests. Some insurers also cover the dog's annual examination and even flea control prescription.
  2. Dog Bite Insurance
    The law requires dog owners to avail of an insurance that provides coverage for all the injuries that can be inflicted by their pets. This is to protect both the dog owner and the injured party against possible dog attacks.
  3. Dog Accident Insuranc
    This is the simplest dog insurance created. Under this policy, dogs are covered against accidents like ingestion of foreign bodies, accidents caused by motor vehicles, bone fractures caused by other things aside from a moving vehicle, ingestion of poison, lacerations, burns allergic reactions, insect bites, and stings.
  4. Comprehensive Dog Insurance
    This is the ultimate type of all dog insurances. This includes everything that a dog may need, from health maintenance to accidents, animal bites to life coverage. Recovery costs spent to locate the dog in the incident that it became lost is also covered. This type of dog insurance may cost relatively higher than the others. But then again, this covers your dog against almost everything. And so as its owner, you will have absolute peace of mind when it comes to the welfare of your pet.


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