Monday, December 17, 2007

What Is Pet Insurance?

Taking out a veterinary pet insurance for your cat or dog will help you to make sure that your pet can and will be taken care of in the event of an unexpected emergency requiring treatment by a vet. Pet health insurance enables you to take an animal to the vet even when you might be in a position where you might not have sufficient funds to afford it.

You can take out a pet insurance for any kind of cat or dog, and sometimes even for other, smaller, animals such as birds, rats and hamsters.

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

A veterinary pet insurance will help you overcome the financial hurdle when your dog incurs, for example, a bee sting, vet bills might add up to $800 - $1000. Knowing that your dog can have treatments at any given point in time without you having to worry about paying for it is a very reassuring thought. There are different types of insurances:

1. Pet Insurance Covering Annual Checkups and 80% of Emergency Visits.

2. Pet insurance Covering Only Emergency Visits (80%).

3. Pet Insurance Covering Annual Checkups Only

Most insurances allow you to choose your own licensed veterinarian to visit. Just like with us humans, most often pet owners (and their pets!) favour their own vet. Pets might feel more relaxed with a vet that they have met before and know, and as the situation in which a pet has to be taken to see a vet is almost always a stressful one, it is better for both owner and animal to go to a place where they feel comfortable and where they trust the vet.

Pet insurances are available for all types and breeds of cats and dogs and may be especially suitable for owners of full breed to dogs who see their animal as an investment or for a caring family. Some types of full breed dogs may need more medical attention than other and senior dogs are more likely to need checkups more often. Additional information about pet insurances can be found at:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Insurance

There are many reasons to insure a pet, depending on the reason why you decided to get a pet and possibly opt for a pet medical insurance in the first place.

Advantages to Insuring Your Pet

1. You always have the security of being able to provide your pet with proper medical care and you will be avoid to get and pay for treatment.

2. When other people are looking after your dog they don’t have to hesitate to take the animal to the vet if they think that something might be wrong with the animal.

3. You won’t have to fork out a huge sum of money if your pet has an accident and needs medical assistance or surgery.


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